The Outset

It's official!

After a whole year of preparation, we have finally launched. We're extremely excited to start helping & motivating you to reach your fitness goals!

We aren't like any normal gymwear brand, you don't just wear & represent our products. We genuinely care about your fitness journey and we want to give you as much as possible in order to succeed.

Here's why...

First & foremost, we started out as an online coaching brand, and we devised tailored and bespoke programmes to men and women between the ages 18 & 30.

Previously, we had made some outstanding results, and it's something that provided a huge amount of satisfaction. If you enjoy what you do, you'll never 'work' a day in your life. & that's exactly how it was.

But, it wasn't enough. There was something more in arms-reach.

We wanted to take that next stride, and help people even more than we already did. Something you can represent, alongside aspects to shape your progress. That is where The Fitness Intervention Clothing originated. The name, the meaning and the service all had to make sense. An interception between fashion and education. Made To Motivate.


 Each of our meticulously-tested products provides electronic books (e-books) absolutely FREE of charge.

Yep, gold-standard resources that will ACTUALLY make a difference to your lifestyle.

With that being said, each physical product has two e-books purposely assigned to it. The way in which the e-book is designated to a product is through the categorisation of product. For example, a typical gymwear product will have two gym-related resources attached.

Here are some examples of what e-books are up for grabs with our gymwear products:

  1. Male Full Body Workout Guide
  2. Female Full Body Workout Guide
  3. Home Workout: Training Guide
  4. 5 Day Split: Training Guide
  5. Beginners Guide To Running 5k
  6. Take The Challenge: 5 Military Entrance Tests From Around The World
  7. Glute Building: Workout Training Guide
  8. Resistance Bands: Workout Training Guide
  9. Utilising The Kettlebell: Workout Training Guide

But that isn't all! Any products that is primarily lifestyle-wear will boast education & knowledge. Here's some examples of the e-books you may find with a lifestyle piece:

  1. Muscle Building: Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Journey
  2. Fat Loss: Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Journey
  3. Nutrition 101: Your Guide To Meal Timings, Macros & Everything In-Between
  4. Training 101: Your Guide To Exercises, Progressive Overload & Everything In-Between

And more!

 We have spent a huge amount of time making sure all products are to our standard. Sample-after-sample, it had to be right, it has to be perfect.

Make sure you scour all our products to see which you like best. And ensure you read each product description to see which fitness guides you will additionally receive with that particular product. Start today and make a change!

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